Workshop on Smart & Precise Agriculture

Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
PAKDD 2021

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Objective of the workshop is to inform, encourage, and showcase the important and emerging area of smart agriculture which can have a significant impact in the economy and life of a huge population. More importantly, the workshop aims to draw the attention of researchers in the area where there are novel and hard problems in the intersection of machine learning, edge devices, sensor devices, internet technologies and agriculture.


The areas below are indicative and participants are welcome to submit works in other relevant areas too.

* Detection of pathogens in plants
* Smart irrigation and fertigation
* Automated surveillance of pests
* Detecting the harvesting time
* Crop yield prediction in short time
* Crop yield prediction for longer terms
* Detection of weeds
* Robotics and control in Agriculture
* Prediction of market demands
* Land use classification using satellite data

Organizing committee

Dr. Sahely Bhadra, IIT Palakkad
Dr. Satyajit Das, IIT Palakkad
Dr. Mrinal Das, IIT Palakkad
Dr. Deepak Jaiswal, UIUC